Food Art

by Thomas Sixt

The moment of enjoyment.
 Impressions of drinks, ingredients and dishes.
Images which create abundance and taste.
Earthy, real, experience taste through seeing.
Limited artworks, available in 2-4 sizes.

  • Each image is unique with only one edition.
  • Autographed and including a certificate.
  • High-quality and long-lasting photo artwork (photo print/acrylic glass)
  • Light installations upon request
  • Special editions for galleries upon request
Thomas Sixt Food Art Künstler, Foodfotograf, Eat Art Kunst, Food-Professional

Food Art Artist Thomas Sixt

Our food contains an unsuspected aesthetic.
Virtually fantastic and fragile worlds reveal themselves in macro shots. What we enjoy every day dreams of being discovered and experienced by us, in its very own cosmos.
I capture the beauty of the moment, emotive snapshots of our natural foundation, our food, from new perspectives using my camera.
As a culinary artist I am passionate about and dedicated to good food and the products of nature from which the most beautiful experiences for our palate manifest themselves. Food photography and food art are omnipresent in my professional life.

Interior Design - Food Art by Thomas Sixt

The following are examples of food art works by Thomas Sixt embedded in modern architecture and interior designs. We are happy to advise you individually when selecting artworks. We work together with architects, interior designers and galleries.

Erfrischende Food Foto Kunst,

‘Creamy Green’ adds a refreshing touch to a stylish study.

‘All Nations’ with its brash colours, produces a strong effect in the kitchen and magically attracts the viewer’s gaze.

Food Art im Wellness Bereich, beruhigende Farben

‘Green Power’ helps create a spa area with calming colours.

Food Art Kunstwerk

‘Apricot Donut’ light installation, dimmable.  Depending on the time of day, authentic colours generate a sweet room-filling effect.

Tomato Splash Eat Art by Thomas Sixt, Foto Kunstwerk in limitierter Auflage.

‘Tomato Splash’ provides colours and fills a room that has a sophisticated architectural design with wealth and an earthy energy.

Food Art Kunstwerk im Esszimmer, limitierte Foto-Kunstwerke, Foodfotografie von Food Art Künstler Thomas Sixt

Food Art – dishes & ingredients with an exciting effect

Thomas Sixt has been active as a food photographer and food artist for the past twenty years.
His Food Art pieces are produced as limited editions, with one unique copy per picture size. Autographed works with a certificate of authenticity.
Food photography art which pleases the eye and stimulates the palate.

Food Art Collections

Foodbild Cocktail von Foodfotograf Thomas Sixt

Drink Collection

Drinks and Wets

In the midst of a bar in an international metropolis: Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London or Shanghai. The best cocktails and drinks are prepared and served by passionate barkeepers.
The fragrance of the bar, the atmosphere, the drink. The image captures inimitable moments of a trip which are always worth remembering.
Cocktails and dreams can be found in the current Food Art Collection by Thomas Sixt

Ingredients Collection

Earthy and natural

The market early in the morning, the typical smell at the harbour of a southern French town is incomparably memorable. Daylight has a special quality at this hour and shows the offered products to their best advantage.
Fragrant herbs, vegetables, wonderful fruit, selected meat and fresh fish. To feel the quality of the products with one’s hands and to perceive the fresh and natural smell of the ingredients…
Earthy-real ingredients, fresh from the sea, forest or field. Microcosm or macrocosm, the Food Art Ingredients Collection by Thomas Sixt.

Morchel Nahaufnahme Food Art Macro von Thomas Sixt

Dishes Collection

Ready to eat

The ingredients for cooking are laid out in the kitchen: herbs and vegetables are touched and prepared by sensual, expressive hands of experienced culinary artists.
At the stove: heat and copper pot, cooking is a metamorphosis of ingredients to the perfect taste of a unique dish.
In the pot, on the plate or board, the Food Art Dishes Collection by Thomas Sixt conjures a sensual indulgence.

Contact and details of the Food Art Collections by Thomas Sixt

Following a personal request, you will receive the current catalogue of the collection with the available works of art.
Detailed price information will be provided after a written inquiry about a work of art.
Please use the following form to get in touch.

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General information on Food Art and Eat Art

The definition of Food Art or Eat Art usually describes the different artistic practices and implementations of food, dishes and ingredients used as creative material.
Food Art or Eat Art refers to a series of artistic practices which employ food as a creative material.
The artist Daniel Spoerri is known as the inventor of Eat Art and is one of the most significant representatives of object art and one of the founders of the artistic Nouveau Réalisme movement. In particular, the so-called snare-pictures, or tableau-piège in French, became famous. These are artistic portrayals, images and objects which were created around 1960.
Artists such as Daniel Spoerri and other assemblage artists created similar material pictures attaching daily situations such as used dishes, meal leftovers to a solid surface, for example a table-top or a desk blotter using synthetic resin. The snare-picture thus turned into a frozen snapshot of ‘a specific completed process of reality.’ A famous assemblage is the ‘Repas hongrois’, an example of such an art of accumulation. The viewer is ‘ensnared’ by thinking that the table with the leftovers is not hanging but rather standing. Other followers of Eat Art for example include edible art objects made from gingerbread.
Food Art by Thomas Sixt is photography depicting ingredients, dishes and drinks. These always feature a snapshot. A parallel to the snare-pictures can be drawn based on the strong macro-shots of the objects. The viewer delves deep into an object while what the object actually is, is not necessarily clear at first. The snare in this case is ‘not recognising’ a common dish or ingredient which only becomes recognisable to the viewer in a second step.

Thomas Sixt and the vision of his Food Art

With my photography I create an awareness of the beauty of ingredients and dishes.
Through new perspectives, everyday objects are turned into art.


I have dedicated my life to grasping the beauty of good food